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AIM Mechanical Contracting has been established for over 10 years and is a leading mechanical service provider to the agricultural, viticultural and earthmoving industries across WA and Interstate.

With 40 plus years of experience on a wide range of equipment used across these industries, we have the experience to quickly and efficiently repair, service and prepare a wide variety of machines and equipment.


AIM Mechanical Contracting provides a range of services, from  Dealership Service Support, to General Service Work, through to Troubleshooting and Fault Finding for a variety of customers.

These services range from pre-delivery of new machinery and equipment, to pre-season machinery inspections, general repair work, through to troubleshooting and diagnosis of machine faults including hydraulic, electrical, operational, and air conditioning.

Dealership service Support

Dealership Service Support is an integral part of the services that we provide. We specialise in the pre-delivery of broad acre wheatbelt equipment including harvesters and fronts, tractors, sprayers (both SP and tow behind), through to hay and tillage equipment throughout the greater wheatbelt area of WA. We are also on hand to provide additional support to the dealer to cover labour shortages that can be encountered during demanding peak seasonal periods.

General Service Work

Pre-season inspections and repairs are at the heart of what we do, whether it's at the workshop or on farm, on a harvester, tractor, sprayer or any other piece of equipment. From a general service to a complete machine rebuild, we have the experience to get the job done right, on time and on budget.

Troubleshooting and Fault finding

Accurate troubleshooting and fault finding is essential in todays modern machinery, whether it's in the electrical, hydraulic or power train systems, which is why it's another integral part of the services we provide. With over 40 years of combined experience working on a variety of equipment, we have the knowledge and skill set to get to the bottom of problems that can be encountered with modern high tech equipment (along with problems on the older treasures that are still out there!).

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